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Welcome to Maxce

Who we are.

At Maxce we have a passion for efficient manufacturing. Drawing on many years experience in electrical and design engineering for the manufacture of purpose-built machinery and automated production systems, we’ve focussed our talents on developing robust and affordable automation solutions for laser marking and engraving.

Our story.

In 2019, after many successful years in machine automation engineering and seeing a need for fast and reliable engraving services, we set about starting an efficient laser marking and engraving business with automation at the core. This saw the introduction of a range of high speed flatbed and galvo laser marking/cutting machines for manufacturing.

The power and performance of galvo fiber lasers was evident immediately, quickly becoming a critical part of our manufacturing. Unfortunately the limited working area of these machines required regular or constant attendence for part changes. Over a two year period we searched and trialled conveyor feeders, rotary turntables and a variety of other methods to feed or batch process parts to these galvo lasers. None of the solutions we tried offered the flexibility, repeatability, accuracy and ease-of-use that we needed to suit the wide range of parts and products we were working with.

Maxce Australia Pty Ltd was founded in June 2022 and the development of the IndexX began. After a period of concept, colaboration and design, the first prototypes were built and put into production. Further refinements and improvements were made over the following months with the first sale-ready units completing their build in our Melbourne factory in March 2023.

As we focus our attention to support and training, along with the development of other new and productive solutions, we can’t wait to see what you can achieve with our products.