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Will the IndexX work with my laser software?

The IndexX has been tested and supported for use with EZcad2, EZcad3, and LightBurn galvo laser software.

The IndexX may also be used with other galvo laser software or motion control boards capable of operating an external stepper motor axis. Software such as LenMark 3DS and MarkingMate may also be used, however we are unable to offer support for installation and setup for these at the current time.

Do I need to install a Wiring Kit to use the IndexX?

Ezcad2 Laser – without a rotary: Yes. You will need both a wiring kit and a stepper drive to add the required IndexX connection ports to your machine. Important: Not all ezcad2 laser control boards support an external axis motor. Please see the list of compatible boards described in the description of the wiring kit before purchasing. If you are unsure please send us a photo of your laser control board to confirm before purchasing.

EZCad2 laser – with existing rotary: If your laser does NOT have the a 4-pin GX16 rotary socket then a wiring kit will need to be installed. If your laser DOES have a 4-pin GX16 socket for direct connection of your rotary, you may use this existing stepper driver and connector for the IndexX motor connection. The wiring kit is still required to add the home/limit switch connections. The IndexX maybe used without the limit switches connected, however these are highly recommended for best functionality and to avoid potential damage.

Ezcad 3 laser (DLC2-M4 Controllers) : Yes. These laser control boards have a dedicated port for operation of an external X-axis. Even if you have a rotary axis already installed you will need to fit an IndexX wiring kit and a seperate stepper drive to use the IndexX.



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