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Introducing the IndexX

The IndexX is an Australian-Built accessory to suit a range of common Galvo Laser Marking Machines. This bolt on platform attachment increases the normally limited working area, increasing the capacity to allow for larger parts, or smaller parts to be queued, for automatic indexing between marking.

It’s unique patent-pending design is compatible with single-axis capable laser controllers, such as those supplied with a rotary chuck, which are otherwise incompatible of operating a 2-axis XY table system. Controlled directly from the laser, the IndexX can be used with compatible software such as Ezcad2, Ezcad3, and LightBurn (functionality may vary).

The single X-axis design of the IndexX provides a low profile, accurate, moving platform, with a huge 1000mm x 320mm heavy-duty workplate previously unseen in a quick setup laser attachment. With enclosed limit switches, center drive stepper motor, no moving cables, hiwin linear square guides, and a full anodised aluminium frame, the IndexX is built production ready.

Hear more about the IndexX and what makes it the ultimate laser marking attachment here…

2 thoughts on “Introducing the IndexX”

    1. Thanks for your interest.
      For EZCAD2 we recommend installing our wiring kit into your laser to add the limit switch connections. If you have an existing 4-pin round connector for a rotary device you can use this. If you don’t have the 4-pin socket on your laser, these are also included in the wiring kit. A stepper drive can also be purchased seperately if required.
      Configuration of motor settings is done through the SplitMark2 plugin within EZCAD2. There are two ways to operate the IndexX; (1) Indexing the table with incremental movements, or (2) Split marking for marking larger areas or graphics.
      We will have videos and guides with parameters and procedures available closer to our round 1 preorder shipping dates.

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